We make sure your voice is heard.

Only those who play the game well will win.

We give you and your organisation support in developing the capabilities and mindset you need to think and communicate using more than just expert content and facts. As with politicians and NGO activists, we help you to mobilise supporters with emotional imagery and make sure your messages hit home.

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We're reshaping the game.

Organisations at a crossroads.

“Lobbying 1.0” is reaching its limits – digital campaigning and digital public affairs are now the norm. Organisations need to adapt their communication and other processes to these new developments to make sure they are in a position to run campaigns.

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We give you a platform.

New markets and business models will call for new alliances.

Platform lobbying is growing in importance and becoming the state of the art. The winners of the race will be companies and organisations who can form unusual, yet powerful ad hoc alliances. Our “plug-and-play” approach to digital public affairs enables you to design campaigns on specific topics on a case-by-case basis, with a view to mobilising supporters.

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