We give you a platform. 

New markets and business models will call for new alliances.

Platform lobbying is growing in importance and becoming the state of the art. The winners of the race will be companies and organisations who can form unusual, yet powerful ad hoc alliances. Our “plug-and-play” approach to digital public affairs enables you to design campaigns on specific topics on a case-by-case basis, with a view to mobilising supporters.

As a result of the digital transformation and the transition to greener approaches, entire economic systems in Europe are on the brink of a watershed that will result in the closure of some sectors which are unable to demonstrate how their operations benefit society and the environment. However, sector coupling will remain the core element of the economic transformation. A decision will be made as to which value chains and ecosystems are sunrise industries and which are not, which companies will be able to ride the wave and which will be swallowed up by it. Businesses that fall on the wrong side of the line will be consigned to history.

Billions and billions of euros will be pumped into some industries and sectors in order to drive Europe’s recovery, so it is vital for companies and organisations to come down on the right side. At the same time, as different sectors compete for the scarce resources of money and political support, the rules governing the way interest group representation works have changed fundamentally almost overnight.

Platform lobbying – the new state of the art.

Organisations that see themselves purely as expert representatives will end up on the wrong side of the equation and lose their raison d’etre as interest group representatives. The winners of the contest will be those that can form unusual, yet powerful alliances and give them a high-profile platform.

Platform lobbying – movements (sometimes temporary) that bring together like-minded people who support a cause and can then form a pressure group – will become more important than ever and the new state of the art. A strong alliance and attention-grabbing platform will enable you to position your key subjects and interests effectively in the public eye and on the political stage.

We help you to build alliances centred on pressing concerns, and these alliances come together to form a powerful platform across ecosystems or value chains, ensuring that your interests and concerns are heard.