We make sure your voice is heard. 

Only those who play the game well will win.

Do you have five seconds?

Digitalisation has also left its mark on interest group representation. Lobbying has changed radically – the good old fashioned one-pager has been replaced by a five-seconder, a product of the attention economy.

We enable you and your organisation to tailor your messages to specific target groups so that you can reach your audience effectively. This is the only way to get your message across and play a part in shaping the political agenda.
Companies and organisations that want to exercise the power to set the political agenda need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and use communications to gain the attention of their target audience.

Are you reaching your target groups?

Anyone looking to put their ideas across, shape the agenda and secure an audience for their views in the long term needs to be familiar with the new rules of day-to-day communication. Ensuring that your voice is heard effectively in the long run is all about making a breakthrough in the attention economy and reaching political stakeholders. Businesses and organisations need to get in shape in order to move away from outlining their views through position papers and expert panels, and start putting across content that is attractive, easy to consume quickly and tailored to the specific target audience.

And this is where we come in. We help you develop the capabilities and mindset you need to create and run campaigns. As with politicians and NGO activists, we help you to mobilise supporters with emotional imagery, adding weight to your interests and ensuring they hit home with political and social stakeholders.

Our approach to digital public affairs enables you to identify the right content and prepare it effectively in order to reach out to your stakeholders. To do this, we use imagery and emotions to put across complex relationships in a way that makes them clear and easy to understand.